We all have steps to take as we move forward and grow closer to God.


Reaching people of all ages to help them discover the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.

We believe the greatest need in every person’s life is to connect with Jesus and His local church. One of our great passions is introducing people to the Lord Jesus and seeing them experience His love and restoration in their lives.

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Growing through personal devotion in prayer and God’s Word within the context of Biblical community. In this setting, believers will develop relationships that will enhance their understanding of God’s Word while growing together in obedience to it.

Join us Wednesdays @ 7 PM for our growth classes.

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Serving Jesus by investing our time, gifts, and resources in ministries that strengthen our church and community.

We want our members to reach out and serve one another in the church and others outside of the church. Whether in our own backyards, in the local community, or serving alongside one another, we strive to reach out, serve, and make a difference.

Join a serve team today and get involved in the kingdom of God!

Life is filled with questions.  Many people are asking questions like: Is God real?  Who is Jesus?  What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus?  Does my life have a purpose?  How can I know the plan that is best for me?  Thankfully, God has a plan for your life and an answer to all of life’s questions.  His plan can be summed up in three simple words: REACH, GROW, and SERVE.  These are three steps every person should take in their discovery of God and His wonderful plan for their lives.

Our goal is to help you know what your next step should be toward spiritual maturity.  So, we use these three words to describe the process of growing in spiritual maturity as a follower of Jesus.